Our Story

Meet Skrill & Co.

Raw. Loud. Unapologetic…. A bold new movement has begun. 

Skrill & Co. was founded in 2020 with one goal in mind — to set fire to the industry while providing unparalleled customer service and craftsmanship. This movement represents a brave, brash new vision in jewelry. It represents a fresh new awakening in a tired and stale community. Far more than a mere jewelry brand, Skrill & Co. embodies a complete culture. Each design we create is stunning, subversive, and unmistakably unique. And each piece is crafted with the unparalleled level of care, quality, and defiant attitude befitting our founder. 

“The jewelry world has become too boring, too safe…it’s time to push the envelope,” says legendary jewelry afficanado and Skrill & Co. creator, Tyler Marinovich. Marinovich (or “Skrill” as he is affectionately known by countless athletes, musicians, and celebrities) brings a lifetime of experience and passion to our brand. For decades, the Scottsdale, Arizona native and local celebrity has developed an almost mythical reputation for his astute knowledge and penchant for bold and innovative luxury detail and design. Today, Marinovich’s one-of-a-kind creativity and radiant individuality is evident in each and every piece that Skrill & Co. produces. 

The best or nothing.

“I will only accept the best for myself, and therefore I can only accept the best for Skrill & Co.”
Tyler Marinovich

You envision it. We create it.

At Skrill & Co. our mission is to not just to create the most innovative and audacious designs for our clients, but also to allow them to vividly bring their ideas and creativity to life with astounding vision and execution. With each custom piece we create, Skrill & Co.’s experienced jewelry artists work hand-in-hand with you to turn your dreams into reality. No idea is too crazy. No design is too brazen. We are fully equipped with the knowledge and passion to ensure a seamless transition from fantasy to reality — bringing life and remarkable accuracy to your imagination. 

So don’t be afraid to think bolder. Don’t be afraid to embrace something new, something trailblazing, something opulent but unmannered. 

This…is the start of a revolution.